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Upcoming & Available Dates 

at Showrooms & Private Houses

Click on the links to book a ticket!

29-Nov  12.00pm  Willow Tree Farm, Somerset     The Relaxed Aga Christmas, LIVE

05-Dec  10.30am  My house!                                         Christmas is coming! LIVE

06-Dec  10.30am  My house!                                         Christmas is coming, ZOOM

12-Dec  11.00am  Garton King, Devon                        The Relaxed Aga Christmas

23-Jan  11.00am  Garton King, Devon                        Making the most of your Aga

13-Feb  11.00am  Garton King, Devon                        Sunday roasts and puddings

19-Mar  11.00am  Garton King, Devon                        Easter delights

16-Apr  11.00am  Garton King, Devon                         Making the most of your Aga

You can buy a recording of any of my past Zoom demonstrations here

A new venture, a collaboration with The Chef Pad Shop, to produce chef pads, oven gloves, gauntlets, aprons, tea towels and pan handle covers in a beautiful game birds design.  Click here for details.

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