Upcoming & Available Dates 

at Showrooms & Private Houses


04-Jan   11.00am   Private house, Dorset                     Private Aga lesson

01-Feb   11.00am   Private house, Wiltshire                Charity fundraising demonstration

22-Feb   11.00am   Jacksons of Preston                        Esse open day demonstration

24-Feb   11.00am  My house!                                           Private Aga lesson

04-Mar   10.30am  My house!                                          Warming winter one pots group demonstration

10-Mar   10.00am  Treetops, Newbury                          Warming winter one pots

26-Mar  11.00am   Private house, Devon                      Postponed due to Coronavirus

28-Mar  11.00am  Bower & Child, Huddersfield         Postponed due to Coronavirus

02-Apr  10.30am   My house!                                            Postponed due to Coronavirus

08-Apr   11.00am   Twyford Cookers, Leominster       Postponed due to Coronavirus

27-Apr   11.00am   Private house, Wiltshire                Postponed due to Coronavirus

05-May  11.00am  Private house, Oxfordshire            Postponed due to Coronavirus

06-May  10.30am  My house!                                           Easy summer entertaining group demonstration

12-May  11.00am   Private house, Pembrokeshire     Charity fundraising demonstration

13-May  11.00am  My house!                                           Postponed due to Coronavirus

19-May  11.00am   Private house, Cumbria                 Postponed due to Coronavirus

20-May  11.00am   Private house, Cumbria                 Postponed due to Coronavirus

21-May  11.00am   Private house, East Lothian         Charity fundraising demonstration

22-May  11.00am   Private House, Inverness               Charity fundraising demonstration

22-Jul    11.00am   Jacksons of Preston                        Esse open day demonstration

12-Sep   11.00am  Private house, Wiltshire                 Postponed Coronavirus demonstration!

15-Sep  12.00pm   Private house, Rotherham             Charity fundraising demonstration

22-Sep  10.30am  My house!                                            Autumn treats group demonstration

07-Oct   11.00am  Private house, Horsham                Charity fundraising demonstration

08-Oct   10.30am  My house!                                           Autumn treats group demonstration

04-Nov  11.00am  Private house, Devon                       Charity fundraising demonstration

18-Nov  10.30am  My house!                                           Christmas again group demonstration

19-Nov  10.30am  My house!                                           Christmas again group demonstration

26-Nov  11.00am  Private house, Carlisle                   Christmas charity fundraising demonstration

27-Nov  11.00am  Private house, Carlisle                   Christmas charity fundraising demonstration

01-Dec  10.30am  My house!                                           Christmas again group demonstration

02-Dec  10.30am  My house!                                           Christmas again group demonstration

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I am looking forward to my new Esse range, which offers all the best aspects of traditional cast iron cooking, with an induction hob and full size grill!   Esse are British made and a British owned, family company.

Now also the proud owner of an Aga 60, a brilliant cooker!

Chicocry & Fig