Which is the right modern Aga for me?

I have a Dual Control Aga, installed in 2013.  I think it is best best Aga ever made.  Sadly, it has now been withdrawn from sale and superceded by the latest models.

The new Agas, issued in 2019, are different to any of the traditional Agas.  The closest to a Dual Control is the R7, the closest to the Total Control is the R7i.  

Before you commit to buying one of the newest, computerised and controllable Agas, please have a very serious look at the Esse electric range cooker.  It is brilliant, the element goes all round the oven (so that it cooks like a traditional cast iron oven).  It has a dome lid over the induction hotplate.  It is British, hand built to order in Lancashire.  It is a lot cheaper, too. 

I think I am slightly in love with the Esse, having had a really happy day cooking on one recently.

You might also have a look at an Everhot while you are at it!

If you want a traditional heat storage Aga, buy a reconditioned one, made and built in Shropshire in the days when Aga were truly British.

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Still deeply in love with my Dual Control Aga, it really is the best cooker ever to come out of Telford!

Now also the proud owner of an Aga 60, a brilliant cooker!