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Demonstration Menus

Making the Most of Your Aga



Aga cooked breakfast

Roast potatoes

Roast pork & gravy, baked ham

Honey & orange glazed carrots

Leek and blue cheese risotto

Spinach and tomato cheese flan

Chocolate fudge cake

Steaks with horseradish butter

Prawn & mango stir fry

Aga yogurt



Aga Techniques Demonstrated:


Grilling in roasting oven

Roasting potatoes

Roasting a joint; gravy on oven floor

Vegetables in simmering oven

Rice in simmering oven

Pastry on roasting oven floor

Cake baking

Grill pan, softening butter beside Aga

Stir frying

Warming on top of Aga

Baking on floor of oven


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