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The easy way to attend a cookery demonstration – by Zoom from the comfort of your own home.


I will be doing a Zoom cookery demonstration on an Aga ER7 150i on Saturday, 18th February 2023 at noon.


The menu is ‘Making the most of your Aga ER7’


This is a menu never demonstrated on an ER7 and includes recipes not yet in any book and some of them are quite surprising!   


I will include as many cast iron cooking techniques as possible and lots of tips to make cooking on your ER Aga easy and fun.


The Zoom joining codes and instructions, together with the recipes, will be emailed to you two days before the demonstration.


The Zoom session will open 15 minutes before the start of the demonstration, which will start promptly at noon, and should run for about 2 hours, depending upon the number of questions asked and length of answers.


You will be able to ask questions throughout the demonstration, using the chat function, and more in person at the end.


ER7 Zoom demo, 18th February

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