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  • A really simple way to make all pans stack in the simmering oven!

    These are so useful - cover any pan or dish without an expensive Aga flat saucepan lid.

    Flexible silicone lids in packs of 5, sizes to fit most pans as well as bowls and serving dishes - now you can stack any pan in the simmering oven (make sure the wider pan is on top, these are flexible and can't take the weight of a smaller pan on top of them).

    Cover anything from a asute pan to a cup of coffee!

    Dishwasher, fridge, simmering or warming oven and microwave safe.

    They form a seal with the top of the pan or dish, yet lift off really easily.

    I have talked about these so often and am really pleased to have found some to sell at a sensible price.

    Silicone lids - set of 5

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